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Raw materials, dyeing, fabric overall rise!


    Raw materials, dyeing, fabric overall rise!

    Jan 6,2021
    Recently, a textile printing and dyeing co., LTD. Shaoxing pricing issued a notice said that this year because of the outbreak, dyeing cost price low run for a long time, serious losses, the findings from a study of the workshop since early October 24, to adjust the price of finished goods out of the storehouse. , said an official with the related order lasts hot after National Day, by the parties, cancel the previous price is favorable, then according to the different fabric type raised dye fee.

    There are several dye house has rise in price notice recently, some raised dyeing fee according to the different fabric type, some are in accordance with the different dye vats to raise dyeing fee. Like on the market the most common polyester taffeta, pongee fabrics such as, in the spring of the spinning products generally increase 0.1 yuan/m, two sex products similar to some emulation silk and fabrics such as elastic all around are raised to 0.2 yuan/m. Shaoxing ko bridge ze hao textile co., LTD., head YanLiangMin tells a reporter, more dyeing factory has increase the dyeing fee, this is the peak season of the market for those routes.

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