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Be cool and stylish: multi-color cooling fabrics come out


    Be cool and stylish: multi-color cooling fabrics come out

    May 6,2019
    Clothing plays a vital role in the process of heat dissipation from the human body to the environment. If the clothes can achieve good thermal management, it can not only greatly improve the comfort of the human body, but also have a great potential impact on saving building energy consumption.

    With the development of science and technology, researchers have made great progress in the research and development of "insulation, cooling" clothing. The team of Professor Cui Wei of Stanford University has been based on polyethylene materials in the infrared transparent room to cool clothes, low infrared emissivity insulation clothing, double A series of results have been achieved in the mode of cooling/insulating clothing.
    However, how to obtain different color appearances while retaining the ideal infrared transparent properties of polyethylene materials is a major problem that needs to be solved in further practical applications. Conventional dyeing methods are not suitable because conventional organic dyes commonly used have different kinds of chemical bonds, which strongly absorb human radiation in the mid-infrared range, thereby greatly reducing infrared transmittance. Furthermore, the chemical inertness of polyethylene and the lack of polar chemical bonds make it difficult to attach chemical dyes to their surfaces.

    Recently, the research team published an article entitled "Temperature Regulation in Colored Infrared-Transparent Polyethylene Textiles", which reported on the solution to the above problems. They succeeded in dyeing polyethylene materials through the rational selection and use of inorganic nanoparticles while retaining their unique infrared transparency. The mixing of inorganic nanoparticles and molten polyethylene also solves the problem of uniformity and stability of dyeing. The textile prepared by this method not only has an infrared transmittance of 80%, but also has a cooling effect of 1.6 ° C to 1.8 ° C compared with ordinary cotton fabric, and maintains good stability after repeated washing.

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