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Cotton prices generally rise


    Cotton prices generally rise

    May 6,2019
    Throughout the week (2020.12.7-11), the hebei shangdong and henan province area city of cotton continued weak adjustment, the price in line with last week, the industry now forecast to plant XinJiangMian level 3128 15500 yuan/tons, the price of cotton continues up slightly adjusted. Cotton prices rising, increase the risk of the downstream enterprises of cotton business, cause just need to purchase raw cotton is still in the procurement, wait-and-see atmosphere. Polyester staple fiber prices are relatively stable, this week is still in around 5700 yuan/ton. The price of viscose staple market a bit, a slight dip below trend, at present price 10500 yuan/ton factory.

    Cotton yarn market this week while orders weakened gradually, but the overall delivery is relatively stable. With rising raw material prices, many cotton yarn manufacturers will cotton price increases of 300-500 yuan/ton. But sales in general, locating in the low-end manufacturers are still relying on price war, the market share price is confusion. Currently FangQi production phenomenon common, are far from ideal management state, boot, increased local production phenomenon, inventories become the norm; Many manufacturers have arranged before the Spring Festival holiday, to relieve the losses of the status quo. And some positioning in high-end manufacturers situation is good, shandong binzhou perennial plant will product positioning in high-end JC40S ring spinning and compact spinning, the indicators will do fine level, the current price JC40S ring spun quoted price 26000 yuan/ton, compact spinning quoted price 27000 yuan/ton, although the price is higher than that of other factory of nearly 1000 yuan, but the stable quality gathered the stable customer base, inventory pressure, up 100%. Thus, business development localization is very important.

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